Delight in the differences

Under The Hood

Allora does not aspire to be anything but itself — flexible, elegant, excellent. Allora is the only pharma marketing platform powered by the full potential of the iPad that runs on any CRM system.

Fully Equipped With:

  • Universal CRM system integration

    Allora is the only platform that lets you leverage the full potential of the iPad and integrate with any CRM program you choose.

  • Support for all native iOS capabilities

    Allora gives you the key to a new proprietary XML language: Wire. Wire unlocks access to native iOS capabilities like the gyroscope, accelerometer, GPS and more.

  • Tailored navigational hierarchy

    With Allora, you have maximum flexibility in managing your branded and unbranded content thanks to easy-to-use, customizable presentation libraries.

  • Separate content, data and Allora device application architecture

    Allora's cloud-based content management system works with the device application to allow for easy content updates, simplified iOS version management and data transfer capability to other systems.

  • Real-time content updates

    Tired of having to perform complete presentation delete and redistribute processes with your field sales force when you only need to change one or two items in a presentation? Allora lets you make changes in real time and only to those elements that need changing — even to content deployed in the field.

  • Support for global assets (ISI, stylesheets, etc.)

    Allora can be configured easily, so your brand's special regulatory needs are simple to accommodate. In part, this is accomplished by allowing content authors to share assets such as fonts, styles or even entire pages, eliminating content sprawl through duplication.

  • Invisible sentiment tracking

    Want instant feedback? With Allora, sentiment can be recorded with a simple subtle swipe. This patent-pending gesture collects both positive and negative feedback with no visible indication. After synchronizing to the cloud, your data is available for analysis and provides powerful insight for brands seeking to tailor their messages.

  • Granular interactivity tracking

    Allora provides seamless integration with Google Analytics and Omniture — and it lets you track at a granular level. It intrinsically understands the version of your message, adjusts in response and collects those measures natively. That way, you can analyze your conversation path side-by-side with sentiment data and get a complete picture of your message in action.

  • Support for rep-enabled custom presentations, favorites and history

    The Allora platform doesn't just record history and favorites — it enables representative-led formation of custom presentations without sacrificing regulatory compliance. This is possible within Allora as a result of the highly configurable and granular definition of presentation compliance rules.

  • Remotely controlled presentations with smartphones

    Thanks to a companion application currently in production, Allora allows sales representatives to hand their iPads to healthcare providers and run presentations using their iPhones, providing a completely new cooperative interaction.

  • Regulatory compliance layer to test apps on the device

    Allora gives medical, legal and regulatory teams the ability to effectively review and annotate dynamic content that appears in a variety of states. Presentations may be distributed prior to production release, allowing review teams to respond to content directly within the iPad tool.